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Phone surveyors misrepresenting as RHA affiliates

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority has learned that residents in the region are receiving phone calls from people who are misrepresenting themselves as members of Interlake-Eastern RHA’s wellness team.

In reports to RHA staff, members of the public say callers ask for details about their health conditions and the medications they are taking. The callers then offer to provide medications for a fee.

Interlake-Eastern RHA does not undertake phone surveys of the public to ask information about health conditions and/or medications being taken.

Members of the public are advised that personal health information should only be discussed with trusted family members and known care providers. Divulging personal health information over the phone to unknown callers is not advised at any time. This includes providing information about health conditions, providing Manitoba Health card information and offering any details about medications being taken.

If you should receive any calls from individuals identifying they are from or working with Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, or from any other organization/company, and if that call leads to requests to divulge personal health information, please hang up immediately.

You can advise the RCMP of this fraudulent activity by calling the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or visiting and clicking on the tab “Report Fraud”.

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