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01/01/2013 Nurse Practitioner Service Resumes Along Hwy 6

February 1, 2013—Beryl Dziedzic, a resident of Inwood, is now offering nurse practitioner health care services at Interlake-Eastern RHA sites in St. Laurent, Lundar and Eriksdale.

Dziedzic, who was an acute care nurse practicing in Gimli for the past 25 years, returned to university in 2009 to complete a master's degree in advanced practice nursing. She graduated in May 2012 as a nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners focus on people's whole health. They take time during appointments to listen to health concerns, address health care needs and provide professional direction on how to live a healthier life. In addition, nurse practitioners are active in the community using recent health findings to address community health and wellness. Dziedzic promotes healthy lifestyles and disease prevention to children, families, adults and seniors through meetings, presentations and workshops. She sees herself as a partner in assisting her patients to achieve their best health by understanding the links among lifestyle, health and illness.

“A lot of people need a little more time to fully grasp what's going on with their health so they can be a better partner in their own health care,” Dziedzic said.

Like all nurse practitioners, Dziedzic can provide comprehensive health exams, diagnose illnesses, order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe medications and address reproductive health concerns. She is accepting male and female patients of all ages.

The area served by Dziedzic was serviced by a nurse practitioner previously, but demand for nurse practitioners across Manitoba and Canada is so great, that recruitment to fill the position has taken about a year.

“At a time when nurse practitioners are in such high demand, we are very pleased that Beryl has elected to continue her career with us, close to home, at the Interlake-Eastern RHA,” said Doreen Fey, Interlake-Eastern RHA's vice-president of primary care. “She has been an excellent fit in terms of resuming nurse practitioner services for the residents of Lundar, Eriksdale and St. Laurent and surrounding areas.”

Dziedzic is working out of Eriksdale at the Wellness Centre on Mondays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she is in Lundar Clinic. Wednesdays she will be working out of the St. Laurent Health Office.

People interested in making an appointment to see Dziedzic or to have her present to a community group can call 204.762.6076.

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