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04/08/13 Common Themes Emerge from Local Health Involvement Group Meetings
During November and December 2012, 23 public meetings were held throughout Manitoba to hear ideas for creating the new Local Health Involvement Groups. Manitobans were also invited to offer suggestions through an on-line survey.
The Manitoba government has reduced the number of regional health authorities (RHAs) from 11 to five as part of a plan to streamline administration and protect front-line health care. As part of this work, new Local Health Involvement Groups were created to help ensure RHAs are responsive to local community needs. 

Over 700 people took the time to share their views and Manitoba Health and the RHAs wish to thank those who participated.

We are now taking time to review all suggestions and comments. Already, several common themes are emerging. It's clear Manitobans value a transparent process with meaningful, two-way communication between individuals and the RHAs. It was also clear Manitobans are looking for a variety of ways to engage with the RHAs, to ensure people of all ages, from all parts of the province, have an opportunity to be heard.

Manitoba Health and the regional health authorities would like to thank everyone who provided these valuable insights. We will continue to review this input as we develop a model for the Local Health Involvement Groups over the coming months.


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