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05/31/13 Healthy Living Champions Recognized at Awards Evening

May 31, 2013 – Champions of healthy living in the Interlake-Eastern region were recognized at an awards banquet May 29 as part of the Power of Prevention – Healthy Living conference in Gimli.

The Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority recognized nominees and winners of its Health Promotion Awards and the Interlake Municipal Recreation Association recognized nominees and winners of its recreation awards. Here's a summary of the evening's winners:
Interlake Municipal Recreation Association (IMRA) Awards
Dave Little, Recreation & Wellness Facilitator for Lakeshore Recreation Commission, recognized the following individuals and organizations for their time and energy dedicated towards helping others enjoy a healthy, active life.
IMRA Recreation Champion – Terry Lindell – Rosser/Woodlands
Lindell's volunteer resume includes more than 20 years of commitment to his community. His years of service include involvement in local sports and municipal council and his leadership and contributions with the Rosser/Woodlands Recreation Commission .
- -
IMRA Young Person in Recreation – Matthew Smith - Eriksdale
Smith's knowledge of sports, coaching certifications and participation in sport, enable him to contribute to the development of young athletes. If not for volunteers like Smith, it would be a struggle to be able to offer sports programs to young children.
- -
IMRA Unsung Recreation Hero – Vern Falk - Ashern
Recreation events have dwindled in small communities. In Ashern, the rodeo is the biggest event of the year. Falk's involvement has made the event stronger and has the event growing every year.
- -
IMRA Outstanding Organization – Warren Curling Club
The club provides a physical and mental outlet that isn't offered elsewhere in the community during the winter months. Curling offers a challenge for both the mind and the body as well as a social connection that is good for mental health.
- -
IMRA Community Improvement – Stony Mountain Community Association 
This organization does an outstanding job promoting community spirit and involvement and takes great pride in all of the projects that they have succeeded in and their future dreams and goals. They make people in the community proud to say they're from Stony Mountain.
- -
- -
Interlake-Eastern RHA Health Promotion Awards
Doreen Fey, Vice president of Primary Care for the Interlake-Eastern RHA, announced winners of the health promotion awards in two categories: schools and communities. In order to be considered, nominees had to meet criteria of: working in partnership, engaging community participation, meeting a need, leading, setting a positive example for others in the community, making a significant contribution to the health of the community, and educating people about healthier lifestyle alternatives.
School Category
Healthy Living at Gillis School – Tyndall
The healthy living program at Gillis School promotes healthy eating and physical activity as an overall school philosophy. Started in 2009, this program relies heavily on community partnerships.
Take a Hike or Ride Tuesdays – Ecole R.W. Bobby Bend - Stonewall
Chair Rhena Harold started this Parent Advisory Committee initiative in April 2011 with a goal to get parents and students active by walking to biking to school every Tuesday. Information sharing and an incentive program were strong components of the program.
Fun Fridays at Wanipigow School - Wanipigow
This project that sees students hosting fun afternoons of physical activity and healthy eating every second Friday started in 2011 when the grade 10 leadership class heard the not so great results of the Youth Health Survey for their school. These students wanted to offer their classmates healthier lives by helping them get more active and eat healthier.
Ashern Central School Tobacco Team
A student led, staff supported initiative by ten school students who coordinated and led several tobacco initiatives: non smoking week campaign, demonstrated April Age software to show physical effects of smoking, developed a “Smoke Eating Machine” (now being shared provincially), prevention presentations to younger students and developed awareness boards.


Community Category
Springfield Connections
This Mental Health and Wellness Group meets once per week with twelve to eighteen people per session. It was started in 2011 and operates on a four week cycle of activities including; games, crafts, outings and potluck.
Maggie Greig Exercise Programming for Active Older Adults - Eriksdale
As an older adult, Maggie has successfully completed her Manitoba Fitness Council Leader Certification. She now creates quality physical activity programming to help older adults maintain and improve their quality of life and independence.
Whitemouth River Recreation District
The newly formed Recreation Commission creates and enhances healthy living programs for the RM of Reynolds, RM of Whitemouth and Sunrise School Division. It promotes family recreation and provides opportunities to try new activities, and promote what is available for low/no cost but is underutilized. Programs include: Mother Daughter Fun Days, Geocaching and First Aide/CPR Courses.
- -
In his recognition of nominees, John Stinson, CEO for the Interlake-Eastern RHA said he looks forward to the awards evening because it's an opportunity to focus on a different aspect of health care – the aspect of addressing illness before it even begins.

“What if we could all recognize that the biggest most single determinant in how healthy we are is the choices we make every day and choosing healthy over unhealthy more often than not?” Stinson asked award banquet attendees. “Tonight, we're together to learn from and to celebrate the people among us—our students, our parents and our grandparents—who strive to make our communities better places by making it easy for us to choose healthy.”

Over half of Manitobans (55%) are overweight and approximately 60% of Manitobans are living with a chronic disease like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. The Power of Prevention – Healthy Living conference was started in 2010 to provide people with tools and inspiration to assist in chronic disease prevention in their own lives and on a wider scale in schools and communities. Partnering to host this year's conference were the Interlake Municipal Recreation Association, Province of Manitoba, and the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority.

For more information, contact: Lauralou Cicierski, Manager of Public Relations, 467-4747,


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