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Board of Directors

Board of Directors Nominations

In accordance with provisions of The Regional Health Authority Act, the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living appoints directors to each Regional Health Authority (RHA) Board. The appointments represent a broad-cross section of skills, interests, experience and expertise. Nominees should all share a strong sense of commitment to achieving the provincial vision of healthy Manitobans through an appropriate balance of prevention and care.
General Responsibilities of Board Members

Health authority boards are accountable to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living and are responsible for the mandate, resources and performance of the health authority. As such, members must represent the region as a whole, not any particular community or interests. A board must ensure that the organization complies with applicable legislation, regulations, provincial policies and Ministerial directives. Board have a strategic role in setting direction for the health authority and a fiduciary role in policy formulation, decision-making, and oversight.


Nominees must:

  • be eighteen (18) years of age as of the date of the appointment;
  • have a strong commitment to improving the health system, to supporting the RHA and to improving the health of Manitobans;
  • have strong communication skills;
  • have the time to prepare for and be able to attend board meetings on a regular basis; 
  • be able to comply with regional conflict of interest guidelines.

 The following are NOT eligible to be directors:

  • the CEO of the RHA,
  • any person who provides professional advice to the RHA for remuneration;
  • any member of a Local Health Involvement Group (LHIG);
  • any individual who is a current employee or member of a medical staff of the regional health authority or a health corporation located within the health region of the regional health authority or a health care organization substantially funded by the regional health authority.

Selection of board members will also be based on competencies from a range of knowledge, skills, and experience in such areas as:

  • leadership and interpersonal skills;
  • governance of public sector, private sector or not-for-profit boards;
  • government structures and processes;
  • law;
  • business, finance, & accounting;
  • policy development;
  • public affairs, communications & community engagement;
  • quality, patient safety and health care services;
  • education & training;
  • organizational development;
  • critical thinking & analysis;
  • information technology.

Health authority boards govern complex public sector organizations with budgets ranging from 200 million to over two billion dollars.  Directors need to be able to understand the continuum of the health system from prevention to palliative care and recognize the fiscal, human resource, and quality challenges inherent in such an organization.

Term of Appointment

No director shall be appointed for a term exceeding three years. If reappointed, a director may serve for a maximum of six consecutive years.

Nomination Forms

Any resident of Manitoba may, for the board of a regional health authority, nominate a person or persons, including himself or herself. Nomination forms are available at your RHA Office, community health offices or health facilities within the region. Nomination forms may be submitted directly to your RHA Office or to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living.

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