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How You Can Access your Personal Health Information

The following information is from the Access and Privacy Division of the Manitoba Ombudsman.

Policy - GA-7-52 Access to Personal Health Information

How do I request access to records containing my personal health information?
Requests for access to your personal health information must be made to the trustee whom you believe maintains the personal health information. The trustee may require your request to be in writing; there is no prescribed form for these situations.

Will I receive access to all of my personal health information?
There are certain specific and limited situations where a trustee is not required to permit you to examine your personal health information. These exceptions are listed in section 11(1) of PHIA. If one or more of these exceptions apply, the trustee is required to sever the information that cannot be examined and provide you with a copy of the remainder of the information. The practice of severance, which involves removing information that falls within an exception to disclosure from a copy of the record to be released, enables the disclosure of as much information as possible. This means that your request may result in the disclosure of only parts of the record(s) you wish to access.

Will I have to pay anything for access?
A trustee may charge a reasonable fee for permitting examination of personal health information and providing a copy.

How do I request corrections to my personal health information?
If, after obtaining access to your personal health information, you believe that there is an error or omission in the information, you may request a correction to that information. There is no prescribed form for this purpose, but PHIA requires that the request be in writing. Your letter should be sent to the trustee who maintains this information.

The Interlake-Eastern RHA has designated a Regional Privacy Advisor who provides direction and support to the privacy officers within the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority. In addition, this advisor ensures policies are in place regarding compliance with the PHIA and FIPPA Acts. Interlake-Eastern RHA's Regional Privacy Advisor can be contacted by mail or phone at:

Interlake-Eastern RHA Regional Privacy Advisor
Box 5000, 100 Easton Drive
Selkirk, Manitoba R1A 2M2
Telephone: 204 785-7240 Fax: 204 785-8854


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