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Camp Stepping Stones

Next camp June 1 - 3, 2018

Camp is now full for this year. 

Please visit this site again in February 2019 to apply for our 2019 camp.


About Camp

Camp Stepping Stones (CSS) is a grief camp offered yearly provides a camp experience and a supportive atmosphere for children ages 7 -17 years who have experienced the recent death of someone significant in their lives. This weekend overnight camp is filled with traditional and fun camp activities combined with activities focused on memorializing their loved one. The goals of camp are to provide a safe, supportive environment where grieving children and adolescents can connect with peers who have also experienced a death of someone close to them, assist them in the grieving process, to promote healthy lifestyles and to help develop lifelong coping skills for dealing with loss and grief.

Camp is supported solely by donation dollars and relies on the commitment of 30 volunteers each year. Since its conception in 2004, CSS has hosted at least 550 children with volunteers generously donating thousands of hours to make camp a lasting experience for these young folks. One of two such camps in Manitoba, CSS is open to children living with the Interlake-Eastern RHA catchment area as well as across the province including Winnipeg.

For grieving children, there are few other opportunities to meet with and gain support from other peers who are going through the same experience. If not given the opportunity to cope with their grief, kids can experience low self-esteem, depression, academic failure and deterioration in relationships with family and friends, if they are to heal, it is important to provide them with a safe and accepting environment. CSS takes place around the first weekend in June, at the Camp Arnes facility north of Gimli.  Camper applications will be accepted between February and April of each year. 

   Camp Stepping Stones Brochure

   Camp Stepping Stones Goals & Principles

   2016 Camp Newsletter

   2017 Camp Newsletter

    2018 Camp Newsletter


The benefits of altruism are plentiful: feelings of achievement, connecting with a diverse range of people who want to make a difference, developing new skills, offering your talents, engaging in new experiences and community involvement.  Recent studies indicate that volunteerism does not just benefit your emotional well-being but may also contribute positively to your physical health!

Volunteering with Camp Stepping Stones is an opportunity to get to know some pretty amazing and resilient kids and teens as well as make connections with other people who want to make a difference. As a volunteer you will provide friendship and support to kids while engaging in traditional camp activities combined with activities focused on memorializing their loved one.

Camp Stepping Stones offers a supportive environment that begins with volunteer training. This training examines the aspects of grief and grief activities that take place at camp as well as the clinical value/goal of each activity, safety guidelines, weekend activity schedules and goals of CSS. There are numerous volunteer roles ranging from activity volunteers, camp nurse to cabin leaders, with time commitment varying on the position.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the weekend of June 1st to June 3rd , 2018. Join the Camp Stepping Stones team and experience the therapeutic effects of volunteerism through a meaningful weekend!

    Volunteer Roles

Interested in Donating?

Donations may be made to: 

     Camp Stepping Stones
     Box 250
     Gimli, MB R0C 1B0

Questions or Concerns?

     Contact the Camp Stepping Stones team at 1-855-494-7369 or
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