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Spiritual Health
Through ages and cultures humans have recognized that a person's life is a complex balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When a person experiences turmoil in one area the others are affected as well. Health care practitioners understand and are sensitive to this holistic principle; further they can provide you with additional support and specialty services should you request it.
You or a family member can also directly contact Coordinators of Spiritual Health Services:

Marion B. Magnusson, BTh., S.T.M.
Regional Spiritual Health Services Coordinator
Selkirk Regional Health Centre
120 Easton Drive
Selkirk, MB  R1A 2M2
Phone: 204-785-7028
Cell: 204-641-1379

Spiritual Health Services is based on:





Kairos and Chronos
The Spiritual Quest
As individuals we continually develop and revise our beliefs and practices relating to the purpose and meaning of life. In extreme health situations this quest often becomes more intense and we seek a better understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe including the need and value of connections with others and/or an ultimate source of life. This reflective ‘work' is the essence of spiritual care and it is offered through Spiritual Health Services in most hospitals and personal care homes. Spiritual care may be provided by:
  • clinical staff relating with compassion and respect
  • a spiritual health volunteer
  • spiritual health specialist/coordinator
Spiritual Care Offers:
  • Someone listening with an open mind
  • Paying attention to your experience of suffering
  • Companionship through life's changes and decisions
  • Arranging ceremonies, sacraments, rites of your own choosing
  • Increasing your self-awareness and building your own inner strengths
  • Kindness, compassion, respect from another human being
  • Holistic care based on hope, spiritual diversity, inclusivity
  • Honoring the mystery of everyday life

Distinguishing between spirituality and religion
Whereas spirituality can be seen as a universal human experience and not tied to any particular religious tradition Spiritual Health Services and clinical staff can also help you connect to a particular faith/spiritual/religious community.
Visits by a representative of your own community can take place in the hospital or  personal care home and you can enjoy the sense of belonging through affirmation of beliefs, hearing sacred texts (stories), cherishing traditions, rituals and/or forms of worship.

For more information:

An education course for would-be volunteers and people interested in spirituality is offered. Check with a coordinator where the course is currently offered.

Fences - a document that defines how support is essential to recovery

Job description for a Spiritual Health Volunteer.

Volunteer course

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