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Children's Speech Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology is the study of speech, language, voice and communication disorders for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment.  Approximately 10% of children experience communication disorders.


The Interlake-Eastern RHA pediatric speech-language pathology program believes that communication is a basic function of daily living.  As a partner in the Interlake Children’s Therapy Initiative, the program provides comprehensive speech-language pathology services to optimize the communicative health of Interlake preschool children.


Our speech-language pathologists hold masters degrees and are registered with the Manitoba Speech and Hearing Association. Services are client-centered and  include intake evaluation, assessment, intervention, consultation, transitioning to school-based speech-language pathology services. Service delivery is via community health offices. Speech language pathologists can also provide community education.


How to Refer:

Referrals are accepted for Interlake children between birth and six years who are not attending school and have a known or suspected communication disorder. Referrals are accepted from professionals within the Interlake-Eastern RHA, Interlake Family Services, Interlake daycares, Interlake medical or educational facilities and from any physician, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist for residents of the Interlake region.


Interlake Children s Therapy Initiative Referral

The referral form requires signed consent from a legal guardian. Forward the form to:

INTERLAKE CTI – Central Intake

201 – 237 Manitoba Ave.

Selkirk, MB R1A 0Y4

Fax: (204) 785-4031

Intake Assistant

Phone: (204) 785-7730

Based on referral information, the family or legal guardian will be contacted by phone or in writing to discuss services.

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