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Vision, Mission & Values
Our Vision
Connecting people and communities to excellent health services – Today and Tomorrow
Our Mission
In partnership with our communities and through our culture of quality customer service, we are dedicated to delivering health services in a timely, reliable and accessible manner. We achieve our success through an engaged and empowered staff.

Our Values

We will maintain the highest degree of integrity, accountability and transparency with our communities, health partners and our staff.

We will ensure timely and reasonable access to appropriate health programs and services.

We are committed to a health care environment that treats all clients, patients, staff and communities with compassion, empathy and understanding.

We are committed to excellence in all of our programs, services, and initiatives built on a foundation of client, patient and staff safety.

We will lead based on best practice evidence and have the courage to address challenges with honesty and creativity.

Quality Customer Service
We will cultivate and support a culture of quality customer service committed to providing a positive experience for clients, patients, staff and other stakeholders.
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