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Diabetes and Heart Health Education
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SCHEDULE OF CLASSES AND EVENTS  to see if there is a course being offered near you.

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control diabetes for life

Diabetes Self Management Classes
A class series lead by Chronic Disease Educators will answer questions such as; what is diabetes, how to control bood sugars, what to eat with diabetes, how to read food labels.  Other topics covered also include new and up-to-date treatments, how to stay healthy from your eyes to your toes, how to manage cholesterol and blood pressure and how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Diabetes Insulin Classes
Have you recently started insulin or have questions about using insulin to manage diabetes? Have all your questions answered by a Chronic Disease Nurse Educator at this free education session.


Diabetes Troubleshooting (Nurse) Education Classes

If you have questions, concerns, frustrations or just a general interest in getting your diabetes under control, this is the class for you!  We will discuss issues raised by the group, new research, medications and technology regarding diabetes. 

Diabetes Troubleshooting (Dietary) Education Classes 

If you have questions, concerns, frustrations or just a general interest in getting your diabetes under control, this is the class for you!  We will discuss dietary issues raised by the group.  If you have recipes to share or tips on what has worked for you, please bring them to class. 

Eating for Health Classes
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Whether it is general wellness, nutrition tips, weight loss tips or disease specific guidance you seek, this class is for you!  You will learn about lifestyle changes to help you improve cholesterol, blood pressure and what to eat to be a healthier you.  You will learn all about food sources of fat, fibre and sodium and how to read food labels and make sense of it all.






A FREE program for living better when you’re dealing with ongoing health conditions. Get Better Together! is for anyone living with a chronic disease or ongoing health concern, such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic back pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, hepatitis, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke or any other health problem or disability.

This six-week-program helps you take control of your health, manage pain and deal with fatigue and frustration. You will learn how to increase your energy levels by using your medications more effectively, eating well and starting an exercise program. We’ll talke about setting and meeting goals and how to talk to your doctor to address your health problems.


Get Better Together! is a licensed version of the highly successful Chronic Disease Self-Management Program at Stanford University Patient Education Centre. The success of this program is based on the fact that one of the leaders is living with the challenges of managing a chronic disease themselves.


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