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Interlake-Eastern's First AGM a Success!

Approximately one hundred people attended Interlake-Eastern RHA's first Annual General Meeting. They were joined by approximately 50 staff members and the 14 members of the board.
Attendees heard chair, Diane Kelly, summarize the board's work over the past year defining the structure and processes within which the new region would operate, establishing the corporate identity and vision, mission and values. She also identified that the board developed a new 2013-2016 Strategic Plan and that the region is currently working on its proposal for Local Health Involvement Groups based on feedback gained from the five consultations held within the region and those held elsewhere in the Province. 

Steve Day, board Treasurer, was joined by Interlake-Eastern RHA's Chief Financial Officer, Cynthia Ostapyk, to provide a summary of financial status at the end of Fiscal Year 2013. 

In his summary, CEO John Stinson said that good progress was made working with communities and established health interest groups. He's looking forward to seeing more communities bring together individuals interested in healthcare to serve as places of discussion for healthcare services. He'll continue working with communities in the year ahead recognizing that as the region has entered year two since the merger, the region and its partners will be in positions to begin addressing some of the broader concerns people are raising about healthcare like access to physicians and long-term care.

A copy of the region's annual report is posted online.

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