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Mental Health Support Centre to be Established in Lac du Bonnet
Interlake-Eastern RHA, through a service purchase agreement, has contracted the Selkirk Support Centre in its establishment of a mental health and wellness support centre in Lac du Bonnet. The centre will service people in town and those living in the surrounding area.

The centre, located 83 – 2nd Street in Lac du Bonnet, will offer mental health clients peer support that, according to Pat Olafson, Interlake-Eastern RHA’s regional director of mental health and crisis services, is increasingly being recognized as a key to recovery for people living with mental health problems.

“Peer support humanizes the recovery process by involving people who live with mental health problems. These initiatives have the greatest impact on those in the recovery process because they connect people and they allow people to share their understanding of the mental health system. This learning improves people’s ability to care for themselves and their loved ones,” Olafson said.

The support centre will operate as a nonprofit organization with a board of directors and an executive director. Services that will be provided include:
• Support in an inclusive environment that offers encouragement and hope that recovery is indeed possible
• Enhanced social interaction and daily living skills
• Counselling/support
• Linkages with mental health supports including self help, community mental health, crisis services, etc.
• Mental health education
• Daily lunch program
• Employment counselling opportunities such as resume preparation
• Living skills development including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, etc.
• Annual support such as income tax preparation

Similar support centres are operating in Selkirk, Ashern, Arborg and Lundar. The Selkirk Support Centre also oversees The Sunflower Café, a nonprofit employment program in the Selkirk Mental Health centre.

“People using the service tell us that the support centres are a place where they can access services in a safe environment where they are accepted. They are also places for socialization and support that are essential parts of everyone’s mental wellbeing,” Olafson said.

Lac du Bonnet’s support centre will open in July.
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