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Healthy Living - Power of Prevention Health Promotion Recognition Awards and Interlake Municipal Recreation Association Awards Winners

The Interlake-Eastern RHA’s Wellness Team hosted the 5th Annual Healthy Living – Power of Prevention Conference May 28th in Gimli, MB in front of 118 awards evening attendees. Winners were announced in the categories of schools, community and workplace. Award nominations were evaluated based on:

  • Partnerships
  • Community participation
  • Meeting a need
  • Leadership
  • Setting a positive example for others in the community
  • Contribution to the health of the community
  • Educational impact

The following is the summary of Interlake-Eastern RHA Power of Prevention – Healthy Living Award Recipients

Project Category: Schools

Recipient: SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco), Warren Collegiate - SWAT team was established in October of 2013 and currently has six student members.  It started with a “Kick Butts Day” that included an awareness campaign targeting all students in grades 9 to 12. Throughout the day students from Warren Collegiate were encouraged to visit various tobacco prevention displays.  The SWAT team recruited six students to attend a five week “NOT on tobacco” program at their school and the team plans to visit elementary schools in Warren, Woodlands and Gross Isle to do tobacco prevention presentations to students in the near future.

Project Category: Community

Recipient: Our Daily Bread, Selkirk Soup Kitchen - The Soup kitchen started in 1994.  It’s currently involved in:
feeding disadvantaged community members
-providing household goods and clothing to those in need
-organizing and hosting holiday community feasts and pancake breakfasts
-providing Christmas gift give-aways
-coordinating community gardens
-supporting old time dances
-hosting a golf tournament to support the purchase of kitchen equipment

They are currently working on a fall 2014 benefit dinner, food drives on the Selkirk waterfront and establishing a homeless shelter with the City of Selkirk.

Project Category: Community and Workplace

Recipient: Leave No Child Inside, Selkirk Friendship Centre Daycare - Childcare staff take children outside for one whole day each week in all seasons. All activities are done outside – snacks, lunch, art, naptime, dramatic play, science activities, etc. Children and staff work together to build shelters to aid children in working on teamwork and problem solving skills. A campsite is booked at Selkirk Park for the children to live at the campground for one week. Parents are invited to participate during the evenings and nights to expand on the overall experience. 

Project Category: Community

Recipient: Pickleball in our Communities, Chris and Pat Bothe -  with the support of Springfield Services to Seniors, Two Rivers Services to Seniors, Pinawa Secondary School and Winnipeg River Recreation District, Chris and Pat Bothe have helped to introduce “pickleball”. Pickleball is a racquet sport that incorporates elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It’s accessible to all ages and abilities. Plans are underway in some of communities to make the game available year round and to expand into more communities.

Project Category: School and Community

Recipient: In recognition of her commitment to the health and wellbeing of a school and community, Yvonne Barker - vice principal at Wanipigow School in Hollow Water, Yvonne Barker will be retiring at the end of the year.  Parker has dedicated her time and passion to making a difference in her community and school.  Yvonne has been involved in many different wellness initiatives and projects over the years including; Healthy eating club, Wanipigow school healthy living/cultural project, living like champions youth conference, promoting fruits and veggies, fun Fridays, and most recently the Youth Health forum at her school. These projects have encompassed holistic wellness, often bringing together youth and elders. Through her role modeling, challenging the youth to make a difference, and with her kind and gentle support, she has been shaping strong community leaders for the future. 

Healthy Living Honorable Mentions:

“Evans Angels” from the Selkirk and District General Hospital enrolled in the Fitter Winner Challenge in March of this year, and included the following team members:  Kerri Donald, Tanya Chaye, Lori Holmes and Karen Warcimaga. This six week challenge included pre and post camp fitness testing with the end result being a total loss of 35and a quarter inches for our participants. Following the challenge the group feels re-charged with respect to healthy food choices, regular attendance in exercise classes and the ability to safely exercise on their own.

Our second honorable mention goes to:

The “Springfield Physical Wellness” ongoing project that promotes physical wellness in the RM of Springfield. This project introduces unique ways to be active and engaged with other community members and partners.  Activities such as chair yoga, hip hop, rhythmic fitness, mom and me drums and zumba chair gold were taken to each community within the RM of Springfield.  All activities offered not only physical activity but mental stimulation as well.  New skills were taught and for those with experience, old skills were enhanced. This program worked to provide participants with a sense of well being.   

Interlake Municipal Recreation Association Awards

The Interlake Municipal Recreation Association recognized seven award winners in four categories: Recreation Champions, Unsung Recreation Heroes, Outstanding Organizations, and Community Improvement.

Project Category: Recreation Champions

Recognizing the achievements and outstanding contribution made by an individual to their community or area as a whole, or to a specific recreation activity, club, team or group.

Recipient 1: Larry Taylor - a long-standing member of the Petersfield Curling Club and has held many executive positions including President and Secretary of the Petersfield Curling Club (2009-2012), Building/Ice Chair, and League Chair. Taylor has also been a long time member of the Netley Community Club. He has spent countless volunteer hours helping support, maintain, and promote the Petersfield Curling Club and could always be counted on to help when it came to fixing, cleaning, making and maintaining ice throughout the curling season in order to make sure things ran smoothly.

Recipient 2: Eleanor Bruce - Eleanor Bruce has worked diligently at planning and providing curling in Inwood for people of all ages. She also organizes, bakes, and cooks for monthly dinners she provides at the manor where she used to live. Eleanor is continually helping people in need with no thought or reward for herself. She has played a crucial recreational role in Inwood and surrounding communities acting as both president and active participant in the Women’s Institute for over 50 years. She has also been an active participant in the Sports Club, Eriniew Club, Rondeau Community Centre, various bingo events, and the Over 50 Club.

Project Category: Unsung Recreation Heroes

Acknowledging the club, group or person who has made a positive difference in the lives of others by supporting and encouraging, often with self-sacrifice and without personal gain. The unsung hero is the glue that holds the project together and is always waiting in the wings to help and is rarely in the spotlight.

Recipient 1: Kevin Magura - Magura is a tireless volunteer basketball coach for the Warren Collegiate Institute and Interlake Wild regional basketball team. He works with troubled youth and helps them turn their attention to recreation as an alternative to drugs, alcohol, and crime. His nomination recognizes an individual who dedicates time and energy towards helping others enjoy a healthy, active life and who makes a positive difference in the lives of others by support and encouragement. He inspires the students he coaches to work hard, have empathy for others, be persistent and determined, and when faced with never give up.

Recipient 2: Wilma and Garry Anderson - As a couple, the Andersons epitomize the meaning of giving back to your community. For over 20 years they have hosted a shuffleboard night every two weeks for the mentally challenged adults in Gimli and area. They have also hosted countless seasonal parties where they are diligent in making forgotten individuals the focus of activity. They have remained active in the community with the Gimli Youth Centre, acting as excellent role models who recruit others to assist with activities while working to provide their own services within the community. Garry has served on the board of Heima Er Best for 10+ years, and his and Wilma’s combined efforts have been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of the organization.

Project Category: Outstanding Organizations

Recognizing the outstanding contribution and achievements made by a recreation organization, club, team or group for the benefit of their community and/or area as a whole.

Recipient 1: St. Laurent Recreation Commission - For many years the St. Laurent Recreation Commission has done an outstanding job of promoting recreation and activities in the St. Laurent area. Recently they embarked on an ambitious project in partnership with the schools in St. Laurent to provide local residents, in particular youth, the opportunity to have a place to go after school hours and on the weekends to participate in sports, arts, and cultural activities including martial arts instruction, dance classes, fitness classes, drama, and open gym nights held several times per week, In cooperation with local leaders, an archery club was developed that has provided low cost recreation opportunities that are linked with the many cultures of the region. By working with local people to improve the quality of life, personal health, and well-being of individuals, there has been decreased self-destructive and anti-social behavior resulting in the formation of strong families and healthy communities.

Recipient 2: Teulon-Rockwood Recreation Commission - formed in 2013 after years of discussions by the Town of Teulon and RM of Rockwood. The Town and RM  partnered to offer recreation programming and management of the joint recreation facilities located in the Town of Teulon. The Commission is advancing the cause of recreation, parks, and leisure in their community by creating a professional organization responsible for the management of recreation facilities and provision of recreation programming. Because this is a new organization, positive impacts in the community are just beginning to be observed. Immediately noticeable, however, is the fact that recreation has increasingly been publicly and openly discussed within the community.

Project Category: Community Improvement

Recognizing successful initiatives or projects that encourage people to actively participate in recreation. The award further recognizes how the initiative has benefited a specific club, group or recreation activity, or more broadly the recreation community as a whole. The initiative can be a single event or a long-term program/project.

Recipient 1: Interlake Soccer Association - comprised of eight Interlake communities working together to provide people the opportunity to play soccer. While previously Interlake Soccer had a youth only focus, recent programs have expanded to include adults and children as young as age three. Thanks to Interlake Soccer, last year almost 900 people participated in soccer. In addition to providing a place for participants of all ages to be active, the Interlake Soccer Association has shown dedication to ongoing training and professional development for coaches and officials by establishing a portion of each registration fee dedicated specifically to that development. Thanks to the Interlake Soccer Association there is active programming five nights a week in eight communities across the Interlake where a number of teenagers gain leadership experience through coaching and officiating. Interlake Soccer’s objective is to instill a lifelong love of soccer and physical activity in participants where everyone with the desire to play can do so.

Congratulations to all participants and award recipients!

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