Community response contributes to planning
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Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority Requests Residents to Complete a Survey

Responses from the Community Health Assessment contribute to planning


Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority (RHA) invites residents to complete a short ten question survey this month that will provide information on people’s experiences with health services in the region. The purpose of the community health assessment is to determine community health trends and indicate areas of challenge and success. Information gathered is used to determine health care priorities and monitor progress towards those priorities.


Doreen Fey, vice president of primary health care and chief administrative officer (west) for Interlake-Eastern RHA said the information is used regionally and provincially develop and support action plans for improved or more targeted care plans.


“Program leads, senior leadership and directors on the RHA’s board are firmly committed to health planning based on, and directed by, evidence. The community health assessment provides key evidence to establish health priorities, plan service delivery and monitor progress towards regional health goals. We update the assessment every five years. Information is gathered on people’s overall health, special needs and service priorities,” Fey said.


The goals of community health assessment are to:

• understand the health of Interlake-Eastern RHA residents

• be responsive to local issues

• plan health services informed by evidence

• track changes over time


Once the data and community feedback are gathered, the ultimate goal is to compile a summary of community health needs and community assets. From this summary, a profile of community characteristics, health perceptions and available resources can be created. Analysis of the needs and assets of the community then leads to priority setting by the RHA board of directors, staff members, health service providers and key community partners.


The survey is available in English and French and includes an adult version (18 years and over) and a youth version (youth between the ages of 13-17). Survey responses are being collected until July 4. To access the 10 question survey please click on the links below:


ADULT ENGLISH SURVEY                                                                 ADULT FRENCH SURVEY

YOUTH ENGLISH SURVEY                                                                YOUTH FRENCH SURVEY


Residents are encouraged to complete the survey by July 4, 2014 when the links to the surveys will be closed.  


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