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Emergency department schedules


We make every effort to ensure the reliability of posted emergency department schedules. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances may arise, such as a physician's need to accompany a patient on ambulance transport or physician illness, that will result in services being unavailable that won't be reflected in this schedule. We apologize in advance for these changes that may occur. 

Always call 911 for emergency care.  Click here for phone numbers for communities not serviced by 911.


Emergency Department Schedule

 (all emergency departments in the region)  
  Please press "Ctrl" & "F5" to refresh your computer screen and ensure you are looking at the most recent version of the schedule.    


Click here for January 16-31
Updated on January 21  


Click here for February 1 - 15
Updated on January 19

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Call and select your hospital of choice to listen to a recording of emergency department schedule status.


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Click here for hospital location information. 

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Unsure if you should be visiting an emergency room?

You can speak with a registered nurse at any time by  calling Health Links at 1-888-315-9257. Calling 911 is always the best choice if you require life saving care. Click here for numbers for communities not serviced by 911.

If a health condition isn’t urgent, you can:

Call Health Links - Info Santé to speak with a registered nurse available 24 hours, 7 days a week: 1-888-315-9257

Make an appointment to seek care from your regular health care provider. Visit this page for clinics  in the region.

Check with your primary care clinic to see if you can make a same day appointment or make an appointment at Selkirk's QuickCare Clinic for same day or next day care by phoning 204-482-4399.

If you don't have access to a regular care provider, phone Family Doctor Finder at 1-866-690-8260 to be connected with a regular health care provider.

Physicians will continue to attend to patients in the hospital and personal care home residents even when emergency department services are unavailable.


Emergency department services in Interlake-Eastern RHA

Emergency departments in Interlake-Eastern RHA require a physician available on-site to deliver care.

When an emergency department is not accepting patients, you will see a green sign indicating emergency department services are not available. If you see this sign, please go inside to speak with nurses inside about your care options. 

View a flyer you can print with helpful information.

The sign, shown at right, will be posted on emergency department doors in the event that a physician is not available.

 exterior sign


You can phone and listen to a recording of emergency department schedule information: 1-877-267-5818.

You can phone and listen to a recording of emergency department schedule information: 1-877-267-5818.

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