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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy provides the skills for the job of living to help people lead productive and satisfying lives. Interlake-Eastern RHA occupational therapists are members of inter-disciplinary teams and work closely with physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and home care.

To an occupational therapist, occupation is everything people do to occupy themselves, including looking after themselves (self-care), enjoying life (leisure), and contributing to the social and economic fabric of their communities (work/productivity).

Occupational therapy works to break down the barriers that impede individuals in their everyday activities. Occupational therapists examine not only the physical effects of an injury or disease, but also address the psycho-social, community and environmental factors that influence function.

An occupational therapist will begin by trying to find out why you cannot do and what you would like to or need to do. Depending on your situation, an occupational therapist may check what you can and cannot do physically (this includes your strength, coordination, balance, or other physical abilities), what you can and cannot do mentally (your memory, organization skills, coping strategies, or other mental abilities), what materials you use to participate in the occupation (for example, work tools, furniture, cooking utensils, clothes, or other materials), the social and emotional support available to you in your home, school, work and community and the physical setup of your house, school, classroom, work place, community, or other environment.


Occupational therapy services can be accessed by people admitted to a health center, those residing in a personal care home or from people in the community. If you’re admitted to a health center or reside in a personal care home and would like to see an occupational therapist, your physician can request a consult.  When you are new to a personal care home, an occupational therapist will automatically see you for an initial consult. 

If you are in the community and would like to see an occupational therapist, you must be referred by another health care professional, such as your physician or nurse practitioner. If you have been referred by a physician outside the Interlake-Eastern RHA please ensure your contact information is on the referral then deliver it to the occupational therapy department at your closest hospital​ or fax it to us. Find your nearest hospital on out Find Us page. If you have been referred by an Interlake-Eastern RHA physician simply wait for us to call you for an appointment. Home Care clients are referred by the Home Care Case Coordinator.    

Site Fax Numbers for Occupational Therapists

LocationFax Number Location Fax Number
Arborg & District Health Centre (PCH)
234 Gislason Drive, PO Box 10
Arborg, MB
R0C 0A0
204-376-5669Lundar PCH and Home Care
97 1st Street S.
Lundar, MB
R0C 1Y0
Ashern-Lakeshore General Hospital
1 Steenson Drive, PO Box 110
Ashern, MB
R0C 0E0
204-768-2337Oakbank Kin Place Health Complex
Box 28, 689 Main Street
Oakbank, MB
R0E 1J0
Ashern Personal Care Home
1 Steenson Drive, PO Box 110
Ashern, MB
R0C 0E0
204-768-2337Pinawa Hospital (Primary Health Care Centre)
30 Vanier Drive, PO Box 220
Pinawa, MB
R0E 1L0
Beausejour Health Center
151 First Street S., PO Box 1178
Beausejour, MB
R0E 0C0
204-268-1207Pine Falls Health Complex/Sunnywood Manor
37 Maple Street, PO Box 2000
Pine Falls, MB
R0E 1M0
Eriksdale – Elizabeth M. Crowe Memorial Hospital
Eriksdale PCH

40 Railway Avenue, Box 130
Eriksdale, MB,
R0C 0W0
204-739-2065Selkirk Regional Health Center
120 Easton Drive,
Selkirk, MB
R1A 2M2
Fisher Personal Care Home
10 Chalet Drive, PO Box 119
Fisher Branch, MB
R0C 1Z0
204-372-8710Stonewall & District Health Centre
589 3rd Avenue South
MB R0C 2Z0
Gimli Community Health Centre
120-6th Avenue, PO Box 250
Gimli, MB
R0C 1B0
204-642-5860Rosewood Lodge PCH
Stonewall, MB,
R0C 2Z0
Interlake-Eastern RHA Rehab Unit
Beausejour Health Center
151 First Street S., PO Box 1178
Beausejour, MB
R0E 0C0
204-268-3649Teulon-Hunter Memorial Hospital
rd Avenue, PO Box 89
Teulon, MB
R0C 3B0
Lac du Bonnet Health Clinic/PCH
75 McIntosh Street, PO Box 1030
Lac du Bonnet, MB
R0E 1A0
204-367-8981Goodwin Lodge PCH
Teulon, MB
R0C 3B0
Whitemouth PHC Centre and PCH
75 Hospital Street
Whitemouth, MB
R03 2G0
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