Regional health centre in Selkirk facts and construction updates
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New Regional Health Centre in Selkirk

Watch a construction progress video! We're on schedule and we're on budget.

SRHC front entrance rendering

Construction began in Spring 2014 on the new Selkirk Regional Health Centre located between the current hospital at 100 Easton Dr. and the Selkirk Recreation Complex at 180 Easton Dr. The new Selkirk Regional Health Centre has been designed to better accommodate the needs of residents in Interlake-Eastern RHA who require hospitalization or more specialized acute care and out-patient services.

The planning focus of the new hospital was on creating an environment that promotes well-being, that is safe, that considers sustainability and that capitalizes on efficiencies in directing the flow of people, information and materials. Local communities contributed to ensuring the new regional health centre reflects the region’s history and culture. Leading practices in health care gathered from across North America are incorporated into the new health centre to ensure its long-term sustainability.


 Target completion:  

 Spring 2017

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 Construction cost:        

$111 million

 Key construction partners:

 Construction – EllisDon

   Design – LM Architectural Group and Stantec

Additional resources: 

 SRHC Fact Sheet (April 2015)

   SRHC in Business Elite Canada May/June 2015

   Tender awarded for new health centre in Selkirk

Project updates:

July 2015 Construction Update
Minister of Health and Minister of Finance

SRHC renderings of interior


Health services

new MRI facility
diagnostic imaging
laboratory  services
community cancer program
emergency with three bay  ambulance drive through
palliative care
expanded out-patient area

Environmental Considerations 

This new health centre will:

meet and exceed LEED Silver standards 
have high performance building cladding systems
use geothermal fields and heat-pump technology
use recycled content building materials
have highly efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures
have building automation systems

Increased patient privacy 

The number of beds in the current hospital is 53 which will increase to 65 in this new health centre with 80 % being single occupancy to increase patient privacy.

Emergency with three bay ambulance drive through

The health centre features a 3-bay indoor, drive through area for ambulances. Paramedics will be able to drive up 

and unload patients in a climate controlled area that will be well lit at all times of day and night. 

More natural light

With over 17,000 square feet of windows, the new Selkirk Regional Health Centre will embrace a more holistic approach to patient care and staff well-being by incorporating an abundance of natural light into the facility.

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