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Housing & Personal Care Homes

Personal Care Homes

Arborg  Ashern  Beausejour 
Eriksdale  Fisher Branch                Gimli - Betel
Lac du Bonnet  Lundar  Oakbank 
Pine Falls  Selkirk-Betel  Selkirk-Red River Place 
Selkirk-Tudor House                 Stonewall  Teulon 

Seniors Housing
When you're not requiring the level of care provided in a personal care home, other options exist. The Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba has outlined options available for seniors housing in Manitoba to help you narrow down the options.

Supportive Housing Options in the Region
There are six supportive housing options for seniors operating in cooperation with Interlake-Eastern RHA. For information on Supportive Housing rent and services, please contact Meghan Quinn at 204-268-7421,

Stony Plains Terrace, Beausejour
     Click here for more information.

The Ironwood, Pinawa
Click here for more information.

Icelandic River Lodge, Riverton
Click here for more information.

House of Hope & Mary Thorararinson Estates, Arborg
Click here for more information.

Springfield Place, Oakbank
Click here for more information.

Neil Gaudry Centre, St. Laurent
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