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Home Care

Home care is a community based service that provides essential in-home support to individuals, regardless of age, who require health services or assistance with activities of daily living.

Home care augments the resources of family and community, using a model that emphasizes promotion of care in the home, facilitation of hospital discharges and provision of alternatives to entry to the long term care system. Manitoba residents registered with Manitoba Health who require services or assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation or medication administration are eligible for home care service to allow them to remain safely in their home.

Self referrals are accepted as well as referrals from physicians, hospitals, family/friends or other programs/agencies. Referrals are taken by the area home care case coordinator who does a complete assessment that includes talking to the client, family members or any individual involved in the client’s care. Part of the assessment involves determining family involvement so that a personalized care plan can be developed that provides sufficient support without interfering with family relationships.

In preparing the assessment, the case coordinator communicates with the client’s doctor and may also choose to make a referral to mental health or therapy services. The client’s home is assessed to determine if alterations to the environment are required for safe care provision and what equipment may be needed. A recommendation may be made to other community programs, such as services to seniors, if resources not provided through the home care service are needed.

Services provided are determined by a comprehensive assessment by the Home Care Case Coordinator and an individual care plan is then developed with input from the client. 

Please call Home Care Administration at 204-785-7537 for assistance or see below to connect with a Case Coordinator in your area.

Arborg/ Riverton

2 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-376-5559 ext. 1
  • Phone (CC2): 204-376-5559 ext. 7
  • Fax: 204-376-5970


Phone: 204-768-5225

Fax: 204-768-3879


3 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-268-6720
  • Phone (CC2): 204-268-6721
  • Phone (CC3): 204-268-6747
  • Fax: 204-268-6727

Fisher Branch

Phone: 204-372-7306

Fax: 204-372-8710


2 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-642-4596
  • Phone (CC2): 204-642-1607
  • Fax: 204-642-4924

Lac du Bonnet/ Pinawa

2 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-345-1217
  • Phone (CC2): 204-345-1235
  • Fax: 204-345-8609

Lundar / Eriksdale/ St. Laurent

Phone: 204-762-6504

Fax: 204-762-5164


2 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-444-6119
  • Phone (CC2): 204-444-6139
  • Fax: 204-444-5667

Pine Falls

Phone: 204-367-5403

Fax: 204-367-2968


7 Case Coordinators at Interlake-Eastern Health Services at 100 Easton Drive. FAX ALL REFERRALS TO 204-785-7742

Phone (CC1): 204-785-7723
Coverage Area:
Gonor, Narol, West Pine Ridge,
St Clements – south side of HWY 44
to East St. Paul,
River Creek Estates (6940 Henderson HWY)
Tollak Place (40 Eveline A & B)
Phone (CC5): 204-785-7733
Coverage Area:
Selkirk Area 5 – Vaughn Ave South up to
but not including Strathnaver Ave.,
215 Eaton Ave
Parkside Terrace Apartments (380A & B Sophia)
Phone (CC2): 204-785-7722
Coverage Area:
St. Andrews – south of Heap Ave
and West of the bypass Hwy 9,
South of Cloverdale Rd to West St. Paul,
Mapleton Lane (1192 River Rd, St. Andrews)
Phone (CC6): 204-785-7720
Coverage Area:
Selkirk Area 6 – Strathnaver Ave south to Heap
Lion’s Manor (316 & 320 Christie Ave)
Knight’s Centre (312 Sophia St)

Phone (CC3): 204-785-7713
Coverage Area:
Selkirk Area 3 – Including McLean Ave and
North to Walker Ave, Breezy Point,
Woodland Courts (387 Annie St)
Selkirk Meadows (1027 A & B Manitoba Ave)
Phone (CC7): 204-785-4889
Coverage Area:
Cloverdale Road North up to Matlock
Woodland Courts (387 Annie St)
Cambridge House
457 Eveline St
Kiwanis on Red -106 Dufferin & 110 Morris Ave
Phone (CC4): 204-785-7724
Coverage Area:
North to Stead Rd.,
East Selkirk – south to HWY 44
Parkview Manor (445 Eveline St.)
Robinson Building (470 Main St.)


3 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-467-4413
  • Phone (CC2): 204-467-4414
  • Phone (CC3): 204-467-4769
  • Fax: 204-467-4750


2 Case Coordinators at this location:

  • Phone (CC1): 204-886-4066
  • Phone (CC2): 204-467-4769
  • Fax: 204-886-3503


Phone: 204-348-4609

Fax: 204-348-7911

Examples of service you may be eligible for are:

  • direct service workers to assist with personal care, meals, and family relief
  • nurses may provide nursing care, teaching and counseling
  • therapy services will teach special exercises or assist with planning your activities of daily living
  • supplies and equipment required for your care may be available
  • adult day programs assist in meeting nutritional and socialization/recreational needs

Home Care Services supports and coordinates other program areas:

  • personal care at home
  • respite care
  • palliative care
  • home oxygen
  • self managed/family managed care
  • services to seniors
  • supportive housing
  • meal programs
  • adult day programs

Helpful Home Care Information

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