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Chronic Disease Nurses

Chronic disease nurses work in a primary health care setting with other health-care professionals such as your doctor, nurse practitioner and dietitian. They work as part of team to help you stay healthy and maintain as much independence as possible while living with a chronic disease. 

Together you’ll focus on disease prevention as well as the day-to-day management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. With a chronic disease nurse’s support, you will learn about chronic illness and receive support in facing the daily challenges of living with a chronic illness.

Chronic diseases are illnesses that last a long time. They do not go away on their own, and are rarely cured. Prevention, early detection and management of chronic disease is key to a healthier life. A chronic disease nurse can help you learn to live a healthy life with your chronic illness.

What can a chronic disease nurse do for me?

1. Advocate for you by consulting with other health care providers.

2. Provide information and education on how to prevent and manage chronic  diseases on a daily basis, with as much  independence as possible.

3. If possible, they try and match your treatment to your work and lifestyle schedule.

4. Discuss complications and how to avoid them.

5. Provide follow up and support to you and your family.

6. Perform arterial brachial index (ABI) testing to assess your circulation when ordered by your health care provider.

7. Perform spirometry testing to assess your breathing when ordered by your health care provider. 

8. Perform foot exams for patients living with diabetes and discuss foot care principles.

In the Interlake-Eastern region, the main conditions that chronic disease nurses deal with are:
• Diabetes- type 1, 2, and gestational
• Prediabetes
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 
• Heart conditions (heart attack recovery and congestive heart failure)
• Poor circulation (arterial vascular screening, arterial brachial index (ABI) testing)
• Asthma education 
• Stroke and mini-stroke

Chronic disease nurses also offer education in smoking cessation and healthy lifestyles.

Chronic disease nurses provide this information in many ways, including:
• Individual sessions for the person living with a chronic disease and their family
• Group sessions
• Public education and awareness

How do I make an appointment with a chronic disease nurse?

Any Interlake Eastern resident or family member is able to see a chronic disease nurse – no referral needed. All services 
are free of charge.

Arborg 204-861-0589
Ashern 204-739-4456 Lake St. Martin 204-739-4456
204-268-7702Lake Manitoba 204-739-4456
(BSJ Primary Care)
204-268-7478Little Saskatchewan 204-739-4456
Black River 204-367-5432 Lundar 204-739-4456
Dauphin River 204-739-4456 Oakbank 204-444-6138
Eriksdale 204-739-4456 Pinawa 204-753-3148
Fairford 204-739-4456 Pine Falls 204-367-5427
Fisher Branch 204-485-1028  Peguis 204-739-4456
Fisher River 204-485-1028 Riverton 204-861-0589
Gimli 204-785-7546 Stonewall 204-861-0589
Hollow Water 204-367-5432 Selkirk 204-785-7546
Hodgson 204-485-1028  Seymourville 204-367-5427
Jackhead 204-485-1028  Stonewall 204-861-0589
Lac du Bonnet 204-345-1239 St. Laurent 204-739-4456
Teulon 204-861-0589

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