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For a full list of resources in our area, check out the updated 2017 Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Resource Guide for the Interlake-Eastern Region

Frequently Asked Questions:

Crisis Services:

When would someone call the 24 Hour Crisis Line?

What can I expect when I call Mobile Crisis Services?

What can I expect after I call the Mobile Crisis Unit?

Can I go to school and stay at the Crisis Stabilization Unit?

Can I bring my children to the Crisis Stabilization Unit?

Can I have my phone while staying at the Crisis Stabilization Unit?

Will I be seeing a doctor or psychiatrist during my stay at the Crisis Stabilization Unit?

Child & Adolescent Services:

What do I tell my child/adolescent before going to the appointment?

What if my child/adolescent will not talk when we get to the appointment?

What do I do if my child/adolescent will not come to the appointment?

Are the things that are discussed with my child/adolescent kept confidential?

How do I help my anxious child/adolescent if I struggle with anxiety myself?

Adult Services:

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

Is medication the only way that mood problems can be treated?

Mental Health Services for the Elderly:

I am an older adult... what are signs that I should retire from driving?

What are the differences between normal aging and dementia?

What is power of attorney?

What is an enduing power of attorney?

What can I expect from an Adult Day Program?


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